Naturally, the production of this crafts catalog, as presented was the result of a collective effort that we want to recognize. Special thanks are due to the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Cultural UNESCO office in Havana (ORCALC). Thanks go to its Regional Director, Francisco Lacayo, for the financial support and assistance given to this initiative.

It is fitting, too, to specially recognize the Ministry for Culture, in the person of its Secretary, Tony Raful, who agreed to sound the opening notes of the catalog. We also thank the leader of the National Crafts Center, Teódulo Mercedes, and the head of the Creative Hands Development Program, Virginia Roca, who afforded us their counsels and opinions throughout the project.

Other institutions and professionals have contributed intellectually in the diverse phases of the proyect. We particularly want to thank the Ministry of Tourism, the Community Development Foundation (FUDECO), the Salcedo Farmworkers Federation (CAFESA), the Don Tomás Morel Folklore Museum in Santiago, Plan Sierra in San José de las Matas, the Father Arthur Center in San José de Ocoa; as well as Soraya Aracena the anthropologist, Irka Mateo who is an artist and music researcher, Norma Rivera de Vargas, the President of the Dominican Jewelers and Craftsmen Association, Radhamés Carela, who is a craftsman in El Higuerito, Henry Crisóstomo, the Director of the NEOARTE Cultural Project in Moca, Temístocles Féliz, a crafts-worker and cultural leader in Cabral, Barahona, and José Lantigua Cruz ("Bule"), who is a fine artist and artisan in La Vega.

Gathering the information and conducting the interviews with the crafts people needed various trips within the country. In order to accomplish them, we counted on the important support of ASONAHORES' Board of Directors member Rafael Blanco Canto, who provided us with lodging in various affiliated hotels.

A special thanks and acknowledgement goes to all the artisans who received our staff and shared their knowledge and experience.

Finally, our very special gratitude goes to our field-workers and to the staff with whim we worked more closely: the Dominican Institute for Integral Development (IDDI) and its Director, David Luther; to José De Ferrari, tireless impetus and coordinator of the project; to Gianfranco Lanzetti, the photographer; and to Blas Jiménez, Secretary General of the Dominican National Commission for UNESCO.